KRFC is pleased to welcome our newest show to the fold! 'The Spark' debuts tonight at 7pm right here on KRFC, and the podcast will be available on demand on right after the show airs. New episodes will air Wednesday nights at 7!

Here's the show description:

The Spark is a guide to living your best life. Created out of a desire to help people, each week we'll delve into interesting topics in the fields of psychology, health and wellness, motivation, and other concepts to give you tools to help spark new ideas and create a more fulfilling life.

Host Stephanie James is a practicing psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has practiced in Northern Colorado and Wyoming for over 20 years.

In future episodes, we'll take listener feedback via email, voicemail, and Facebook to help with issues that you may be facing in your lives. Have a question or an idea for a future topic? E-mail us your idea (text or voice memo) to

Please join us in welcoming 'The Spark' to the KRFC family!