A daily showcase of live music that airs from noon until 1pm, Live@Lunch features live performances and interviews with local, national and international artists.

Live@Lunch is currently on hiatus while we renovate our new studios at The Music District. Tune in weekdays at noon for rebroadcasts of previous Live@Lunch episodes.

Artist and Booking FAQ

Hallowed Oak performs on Live@Lunch KRFC 88.9.
Hallowed Oak performs on Live@Lunch.


What kind of music does Live@Lunch feature?

Live @ Lunch features a very wide range of musical styles. Listen to 88.9fm to get a feel for who we are.

What is the “flow” of the show?

The host/volunteer introduces the artist/group and controls the flow of the show. Every artist/group needs at least 40 mins of quality original material to perform, the other 20 minutes of the show consists of short interview segments between songs. 1 or 2 CD tracks may be played, but the focus must stay on the live, in-studio performance. The exact mix of these elements depends on the artist/group and host.

What are the production facilities like?

The studio for Live @ Lunch is 11’x17’ total; usable space for musicians is 10.5’x11’ plus a little room to the side of the host’s desk. The size of group depends on the size of the instruments/amps. A five–piece band with drums is very cozy (and loud) in the studio. There is a 16-channel snake which leads to a mixer in the adjacent control room.

Where is KRFC and when do we need to be there?

Our address is 619 S. College #4 Fort Collins, CO 80524. Groups and solo artists should arrive at the studio at 10:45a. Groups with four or more people, or complex sound requirements are advised to arrive at 10:30. The time required for your group will be determined when the group is scheduled. Sound check should ideally be done by 11:30a leaving time to discuss station policies and FCC regulations about what can and cannot be said live on-the-air.

When can I make a repeat appearance?

Artists are asked to wait six months between performances.